Innovation is about new processes, new products, new approaches, new methods, and new ways of doing things that really improve the human experience. You must expose leaders and their teams to new ideas and new possibilities that are outside of the norm, such as:

  • What’s the latest thing going on with artificial intelligence?
  • What is internet of things (IoT)?
  • What’s virtual reality and why should we care about this?

As a business owner, if you’re just staying within the four walls of your business and you never venture out, you’re missing out on so many possibilities. For a company to truly be innovative, it must figure out how to continuously harness these new ideas.

AGILITY is the Name of the Game

“Business agility is about building a capability within your organization that allows you to be responsive to change.” – Deborah Reuben

Agility is the name of the game if you want to survive and even thrive in fast changing conditions. And the pace of change is only accelerating. Building agility into your culture enables you to pivot, flex, and respond in a continually changing environment.

Over the last several years, disruption has been a hot topic. Disruption, as we all found in 2020 is inevitable. Sometimes you are disrupted by outside forces. But, to be future ready, you have to be willing to disrupt yourself, be curious, and experiment. It takes getting honest about where your business model might be vulnerable.” Positive impact, brilliant innovations, and transformational ideas aren’t always possible for companies who cannot respond rapidly to innovation.

Curiosity + Time Make All The Difference

People often say that they don’t have time for innovative pursuits. They don’t have time to stay on top of tech and trends. The bottom line is you will never have time for it. You have to choose to make time. It doesn’t take a lot of time to step back and think about where you want to go, understand the technology and innovation trends, and then ask again, “What’s possible now?” Whether it is on an individual or leadership level, making time to get curious about new possibilities and then stepping back to consider what it means for your future will make a difference.

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