Facilitating a shared understanding of the big picture among a group of people is my superpower. Most teams have great ideas, but they fail to gain traction and momentum. They also struggle to take action, because they lose sight of the big picture and can’t reach an agreement about how to move forward. And, sometimes, they never even get to the point of discovering a collective big picture.

These struggling teams may think they’re on the same page, but if you were to peer into the thought bubbles above their heads, you would see that they each hold a different mental model of the topic under discussion. Add to that sudden remote working scenarios and you have a recipe for confusion and drama.

Imagine if, instead, these teams were able to visually create a shared understanding of the big picture and still respect the unique qualities and ideas that each team member brings to the table. How much faster would they be able to move forward and make meaningful progress on their initiatives? What if they understood and trusted each other to follow the correct path? Then, they’d be able to get excited about the big picture and take action to get there.

This is where I come in. I work to fix these common missteps and help realign teams on a joint path to their shared goals. I do this by leading teams through visual mapping workshops. Delivered in person and virtually, my workshops are more than just team-building exercises, brainstorming sessions, and innovation theater. In my workshops, teams do generate ideas, but the work is not done until we have co-created an action plan to move forward and make measurable progress on the most impactful initiatives.

After all, isn’t it time to think about saving your projects BEFORE they start? Accelerate shared understanding by working together in a new way! Book a call for a free strategy chat here.