Fireside Chat with Jesse Johnson

This January, Deborah Reuben got to participate in “Fireside Chat with Jesse Johnson”. Jesse is the Vice President of Sales and Marketing at JDR Solutions Inc. and the host of Fireside Chat where he has casual conversations with his interviewees on their particular niche.

They talked about equipment finance and Deborah’s transition from FTE to consultant, about the future of technology, how to facilitate change for business, and the future.

“The best way to predict your future is to create it.”

Working from home sometimes means dogs barking, kids running around, and fire alarms going off during business calls, a humorous realization.

Deb has been working out of her home for over 10 years, so she has created and built boundaries for herself, staying on top of where her business was going and where the future of business is going.

Creating that big picture of possibilities starts with working together as a team to dream about what the future looks like.

To Reuben, the future is virtual, so this is the time to start shaping our future together.


The Speaking Show – Deborah Reuben Featured in Top 200

For David Newman’s 200th episode of “The Speaking Show” podcast, he took a look back at episodes 101 through present-day and chose a handful of his favorites to celebrate the greatest hits of the second century of the show.

I was one of those episodes chosen, number 172.

It was both an honor and a huge surprise to be listed among his favorites. Missed it? Below is a recap of our chat.

Listen to the 200th Episode

Leveraging the 6 D’s of Exponential Technologies

I recently had the great opportunity to talk with Dale Laszig for the FinTech Forward 2020 Summit. Dale Laszig is a payments industry journalist who specializes in emerging financial technologies. She is co-founder of FinTech Forward 2020, a virtual conference to help entrepreneurs transform their businesses.

In our interview, we reminisced about the first time we met at the exponential finance conference that impacted my work and stretched my brain to new lengths. We also expanded on the ideas that caught my attention there and the current ways I put those ideas into practice, particularly the six Ds of exponential technologies. This idea illustrates the phases of disruption that a product or service goes through once digitized. And, as you know, digitization is an important consideration when working with emerging technologies in our changing world.

We also covered multiple other topics in our talk including:

  • The power of exponential progress of technology
  • The acceleration of technology adoption driven by the coronavirus pandemic
  • The newest edition of The Certified Lease & Finance Professionals’ Handbook
  • The six Ds of exponential technologies (digitized, deceptive, disruptive, demonetized, dematerialized, and democratized) and how I apply these concepts in my work.

Check out the entire conversation here.

FinTech Forward 2020

ELFA Webinar Digital Agility

Digital Agility – What is it? Why does it matter? How is it applicable to equipment finance?

The pandemic is highlighting agility as a necessity. Moving quickly and leveraging digital technology and tools have become critical business survival capabilities. Is your business foundation ready for rapid response to uncertain and changing conditions? Digital Agility is more than software – mindset, architecture, and culture matter.

In this webinar with ELFA Technology Innovation Working Group members, we explore digital agility and its meaning for our industry now and in the future.

In our discussion, we touched on what it takes to build an agile culture that enables resilience and innovation.

  • What is digital agility, and why does it matter?​
  • What are the mindset considerations in building a foundation for digital agility?​
  • Hear three equipment finance industry leader’s journeys to develop digital agility within their organizations (and some great wins).
  • How does your agile foundation set you up for the future?

Catch the webinar replay here

Resource list for learning more:

webinar replay

Pop Up Positivity

By Deborah Reuben

Such a joy to chat with Jackie Martin, host of the Pop Up Positivity show. The idea of choosing positivity on purpose is so important when so much negative surrounds us. In our conversation, we explored technology, future, and possibilities for personal growth for individuals to prepare for what’s on the horizon. Listen to the full interview here.


The Speaking Show: Podcast interview with David Newman

The Speaking Show: Podcast interview with David Newman

It was a thrill to be interviewed by the incredible David Newman. In our conversation, we discussed ways to look ahead in your business and industry insights on providing a digital experience through the pandemic. The link to the podcast is in the comments.


Featured on the Complex Lady Boss Podcast: S2 E08 – How to Stay Future Focused when Most People are Living Day-to-Day

Amy-Lynn Denham’s Complex Lady Boss podcast is all about exploring the things related to running your business while managing your complicated life. It was an honor to join Amy for a candid conversation about surviving and thriving as a female entrepreneur during the most serious economic crisis of our memory. In a time when everyone else is panicking about the day-to-day or minute-to-minute functioning of their businesses, the economy, and their lives, now more than ever, we need to make time to focus on the future. We discuss how.

Podcast Episode

Featured on the Alta Group Podcast: Women in Fintech Episode

It was great to join Patricia M. Voorhees, director of The Alta Group, on the group’s podcast. This episode features discussions with three female founders at the intersection of finance and technology: Gabrielle Haddad, co-founder and COO of Sigma Rating; Deborah Reuben, CEO of TomorrowZone; and Sasha Pilch, co-founder of NYC Women in Fintech.

Our discussion explores career paths, diversity, women in business, and the qualities of leaders who can effectively move their organizations forward in times of disruption.

Podcast Episode

Featured on the Monitor Podcast Series: Effective Transitions to Remote Working

It was an honor to join Rita Garwood for the third episode in MonitorDaily’s podcast series. The episode features: TomorrowZone CEO Deborah Reuben, CLFP, North Star Leasing Company CEO Dan Feeney, and Stonebriar Commercial Finance Chief Technology Officer Steve Siler.

In our discussion, we explores effective transitioning to remote work and offers strategies designed to help everyone adapt to these new conditions. 

Podcast Episode

The Certified Lease & Finance Professionals’ Handbook 8th Edition

By Deborah Reuben, CLFP

Since publishing the 6th edition re-write, the handbook is updated each year to reflect the evolving industry body of knowledge.

If you are studying to take your CLFP exam in 2021, then you will need to study the 8th edition.

The book is sold by the CLFP Foundation and is available on Amazon in both paperback and kindle formats.

Buy 8th Edition on Amazon

The Equipment Finance Software Guide

By Kristian Dolan, CLFP & Deborah Reuben, CLFP

So many options, so many choices. Finally, a box top for all of the pieces of the Equipment Finance Software Puzzle. For years, Deb had been drawing the same picture on client whiteboards to help them see and understand how the software pieces fit together in leasing and lending businesses.

In collaboration with Kristian Dolan, CEO and founder at Northteq, Inc., Deb created this guide to demystify the technology needed to operate an Equipment Finance (“EF”) company by providing a foundational framework for understanding equipment finance technology. This guide will help you make informed decisions about your technology investments.

Get the E-Book