In this video interview, part of the Equipment Finance Advantage Thought Leader series; I discuss the importance of using outside-in thinking as you consider the digital future.

It’s important to step away from day-to-day thinking and typical inward focus if you truly want to innovate for the future.

Doing the same thing you have always done will not help you leap forward.

Remaining relevant and preparing your business for the future requires a willingness to question everything you do with a forward-thinking lens. It takes:

  1. looking at the trends, looking at where your customers are going,
  2. considering where technology is going,
  3. asking why you do what you do,

and then thoroughly analyzing whether your current direction will produce outcomes that your customers are seeking.

The need to shift to a status quo challenging customer experience first mindset may be one of the biggest challenges for business innovation today, but I believe that we can overcome this challenge and think differently, with intention.