“Deb is probably one of the most interesting “thinkers” I’ve ever met. Coupled with her wicked intelligence, that makes her a powerful and dynamic individual. She asks questions that others don’t. She thinks outside the box. Where most focus on what can only fit inside a box, she directs us to see what might be outside of it.”

Reid Raykovich, CLFP, Executive Director, Certified Lease & Finance Professional Foundation
“I love her aliveness! After meeting with her, she engineers a drive within the participants that continues far after she has stepped back from the process. She pulls you out of your comfort zone allowing you to embark on a journey of discovery!”
Barb DeVahl, Sr. Vice President, Wildamere Capital Management LLC
“Deb is a dreamer and will break any norms necessary to bring a fresh idea and approach to an issue. She has virtually limitless energy and will drive change through her ideas and by feeding off the energy of others around her to get the best out of people.”
Dan O’Malley, Solutions Director, Modis Managed Solutions
“Deb is relentless, but gentle, to teach others about new ways of thinking. Her positive vibe makes it easy to work with her, and her creative thought process brings an audience into her world of innovation.”
Kelli Nienaber, Executive Director, Equipment Leasing & Finance Foundation

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