TomorrowZone "Questions You can Ask Your Team Now to Spark New Thinking About the Future" #tomorrowzone

How have your workdays changed since COVID began? Like many of you, I had a challenging time when COVID first hit. It was tough dealing with the sudden increase in negativity in the world. I quickly snapped out of it though, and now I’m excited to see what the future holds. 

After stepping back from the overwhelming emotions and resetting my focus, I started to see how I could reframe this as an opportunity. I decided to move forward in a new direction and make my business 100% digital. It’s a dream come true! I’ve wanted to be all-digital for quite some time, but my client base wasn’t ready to adopt that. Since COVID began, we’ve all been forced to shift into the virtual realm.

I’m grateful that the digital shift wasn’t catastrophic for my business, but I realize that’s not the case for many other companies. You can do many things as a business owner to help ease the transition for your customers and team members.

First and foremost, provide reassurance.

Your customers need certainty, and your employees need to feel like they’re still a part of the team. 

Whenever possible, provide your customers with added tidbits of confidence. I do this by letting my clients know what to expect from their sessions with me: how long the sessions will last, what topics we’ll cover, and expected outcomes. A little bit of certainty in an uncertain time goes a long way to ease everyone’s minds.

As far as your employees go, get them involved in shaping the future of the business. Ask them questions in your regular team meetings, and I bet you’ll be pleasantly surprised by what you learn. It is especially vital to glean new insights from those who are dealing directly with customers.

Here are a few questions to get the ball rolling in your next team meeting:

  • Have you tried any new experiments lately?
  • What new practices have you discovered that work well for you? 
  • Have you noticed any new customer behaviors or preferences?
  • Are there any new technologies or trends that have caught your attention?
  • Where do you see the trends moving in the next 5-7 years?
  • How will those changes affect our customers?

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