Does trying to keep track of your holiday gifts make your head spin?

Ever hide a gift and forget where you put it?

What about trying to stay within a reasonable gift budget, let alone track that budget?

Do you end up with either too many or not enough stocking stuffers?

If you struggle with any of the above, or more during the holiday season, try the Santa’s Bag app. (Sorry Android users, looks like this is an iOS only option.) This app has streamlined my gift giving and saved my sanity.

The main page has a countdown to Christmas (this doesn’t necessarily help with decreasing stress, but it definitely creates a sense of urgency!). It contains a summary of your gifts: budget, number of gifts to purchase, number of gifts to buy, and gives you a nice total at the bottom.

The Recipients page is where I spend the majority of my time. Here you can add everyone you plan to give a gift to and star family members. You can set a budget for each person and track the gifts you’re giving.

Once you add the gift, you can add the amount, where you bought it from, or even mark it its homemade. But the best part is the tracker. This beauty lets you track your process with the following categories:

  • Idea
  • To Buy
  • Ordered
  • To Wrap
  • Wrapped
  • To Send
  • Done

Just update your progress as you go and you have a log of what still needs to be purchased, what’s been shipped, etc. It even has features to mark the gift as a Stocking Stuffer and add its location (where you hid it) – no more lost gifts!

Once you start using the app, you can access past years to see what gifts you’ve given in the past, how much you’ve spent, etc.

During a season with the constant tension of wanting to slow down and enjoy every moment while rushing to get everything done, Santa’s Bag can help to organize your mind and your process. Give it a try and let me know what you think!