What a fantastic discussion on AI on Monitor’s Livestream. Thank you to Tina Cartwright and Camtu Vo for their forward-thinking insights and fresh perspective.

Here are some key takeaways from our discussion.

💡Camtu shared a great metaphor to understand AI.

It’s like the party crasher that shows up, uninvited, to your meticulously planned dinner party. When you get the unexpected knock at the door, ask questions and gain understanding, then invite them in and engage them with your guests.

This is a great way to approach AI. She recommends taking time to learn about AI yourself and create a vision for how you could use it in your everyday work life. Then, bring your co-workers and organization into your learning process.

It’s important to have multiple voices at the table. Your legal, risk, and compliance group offers a valuable perspective that triggers other questions and exploration. She reminded us that AI does not define us, we define AI and to have fun with it!

💡 Tina encouraged our audience to be open-minded and have a “nothing is off the table” approach to exploring AI. Humans tend not to like change, and this can create fear around AI.

Be open to possibility and don’t limit your options. Educate yourself and your team. Get back to childlike curiosity when exploring this technology.

She reminded us that we are not alone in this journey. Educate. Experiment. Elevate. This creates momentum. Getting started is the hardest part, so grab a friend or colleague and learn together.

💡 Deb reminded us that sometimes asking the right questions is more important than having all the answers. Questions can open our minds to new opportunities and expand our curiosity. This approach is so valuable when exploring the possibilities with AI.

She talked about the importance of bringing your team along in the journey. When Chat GPT became available, she talked with the team at TomorrowZone about how the company could start using AI to augment work. AI tools are great for creating a first draft, but not for a final draft. Humans will always be a vital part of the process. She also talked with her team about guidelines, emphasizing data privacy and security.

She encouraged the audience to learn in community and noted that cross-functional teams are so important because no one knows everything about AI or about your company. Deb’s final encouragement was to think big, start small, and learn forward fast.

TomorrowZone created a resource to help you get started with AI. You can find that here.