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The ELFA Technology Innovation Working Group came together on August 26, 2021 for a special session of the UnConference, Innovation Roundtable: Shifting and Transitioning into a Post Pandemic World.

In this roundtable session, the group wanted to gain insights into how industry peers are dealing with the shifts and transitioning into a post pandemic world, by exploring the following themes:

  1. Disruptive innovations at the point of sale
  2. Technology adoption pain points, how they are evolving and what to do about it
  3. What’s now possible in business process and models
  4. Innovative workplace culture in the mixed-mode workplace
  5. Cyber Security and the rapid pace of cyber-criminal innovation

TomorrowZone proudly hosted the following The ELFA Technology Innovation Working Group members as speakers bringing Bank, Independent, Captive, and Fintech perspectives to this important conversation.

  • Garland Brooks, Business Enablement & Sales Optimization at Dell Technologies
  • Jillian Munson, Technology Project Manager at Innovation Finance USA, LLC
  • Rafe Rosato, Chief Innovation Officer at DLL Group
  • Tawnya Stone, VP, Strategic Technology at GreatAmerica Financial Services

“Working in a remote world or hybrid environment, soft skills matter more than ever. We need a team staffed with people who are creative, self-starters. We need people who can think outside the box and lead initiatives as we bridge into the digital unknown.”

~ Jillian Munson

“We have to reframe ‘fail fast’ to say ‘it’s ok to fail, because I can do it over’ and make the environment a safe place – to get rid of fears around punishment of failure.”

~ Rafe Rosato

Some takeaways:

  • Create safe spaces to experiment
  • Balance security and the customer experience
  • Embrace soft skills
  • Beware of burnout
  • Consider innovations at the point of sale
  • Cultivate transparency
  • Analyze customer information
  • Benefit from automation
  • Keep communication going

“Let’s make awesome happen.”

~ Deb Reuben

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