It was an honor to join Patricia M. Voorhees, director of The Alta Group, on the group’s podcast. In our discussion, we explored diversity, women in business, and the qualities of leaders who can effectively move their organizations forward in times of disruption.

It’s no secret that many industries’ workforces, especially the leadership ranks, are still male-dominated. That needs to change for companies to succeed and move forward. Not only do women often naturally exhibit patterns of behavior and qualities of leadership vital for leading through disruption.

However, that doesn’t mean success is dependent on whether or not you’re a woman. Instead, it’s about mindset. Anybody can look at the qualities that women are naturally suited to and develop those skills for themselves. Sally Helgesen explored this topic in her book How Women Rise.

The qualities that Helgesen observed in women leaders include connecting, guiding and fostering an environment where everyone can have a shared understanding of the vision, and the ability to facilitate a shared understanding of where to take a company so the team can run together toward the future.

For more leadership tips and insights, listen to our discussion here.