Project Description

Digital Agility – What is it? Why does it matter? How is it applicable to equipment finance?

The pandemic is highlighting agility as a necessity. Moving quickly and leveraging digital technology and tools have become critical business survival capabilities. Is your business foundation ready for rapid response to uncertain and changing conditions? Digital Agility is more than software – mindset, architecture, and culture matter.

In this webinar with ELFA Technology Innovation Working Group members, we explore digital agility and its meaning for our industry now and in the future.

In our discussion, we touched on what it takes to build an agile culture that enables resilience and innovation.

  • What is digital agility, and why does it matter?​
  • What are the mindset considerations in building a foundation for digital agility?​
  • Hear three equipment finance industry leader’s journeys to develop digital agility within their organizations (and some great wins).
  • How does your agile foundation set you up for the future?

Catch the webinar replay here

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