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We’ve made it through the biggest disruption of our generation and things are starting to look brighter. There is no rest for disruptors — what is the next disruption we need to look out for? Join Charlene Li who for the past two decades has been helping people see the future. 

Moderator: Deborah Reuben, CEO & Founder at TomorrowZone

Speaker: Charlene Li, Author, Analyst, Entrepreneur – author of The Disruption Mindset

The Innov8rs Connect Unconference 2021 helps corporate innovators get actionable answers to their toughest questions, have focused conversations to tackle shared challenges and gain clarity about what to do and how to succeed. If you have innovation in your title, you shouldn’t miss this. 600+ cross-industry innovation leaders from around the world. See innov8rs.co for more information.

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